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About Brainport Network

Board of Executives


The right hand of the Brainport Network Board is the Board of Executives comprising the directors of Greenport Venlo, Keyport 2020, Limburg Economic Development, Agrifood Capital, Midpoint Brabant and Brainport Eindhoven, policymakers of the two provincial authorities and representation from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
The Board of Executives feeds the Brainport Network Board with agenda items and steers the execution of the Brainport Network programme.

The Board of Executives

Sjraar Cox

President (and vice president of the Brainport Network Board)

Dick Hak

Greenport Venlo

Ton Hagelstein

Keyport 2020 (Midden-Limburg)

Roel Schutten

AgriFood Capital (Noordoost-Brabant)

Bas Kapitein

Midpoint Brabant (Midden-Brabant)

Joep Brouwers

Brainport Eindhoven (Zuidoost-Brabant)

Servi Verstappen

Provincie Limburg

Loet Visschers

Provincie Noord-Brabant

Marjolijn de Haas

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Luuk Hammecher

Secretariat Brainport Network